For Retirees

Retirement is a special era for most families. The “golden years” can indeed be golden but are fraught with their own, unique concerns and worries.

Financial planning considerations for retirement are very different from those for wage earners. Present-term planning addresses fixed income questions and the derivation of that income from existing sources. Helping a younger generation and gifting are frequent questions we address at Aurora. In the longer term, the growth of a family’s asset base in order to compensate for cost escalation, planning for the passage of assets, special needs pressures and the unknowns of future health care all assume a more prominent role.

Aurora’s asset-management methodologies continue to hold principal preservation as the single most important aspect. Income production is usually, but not always, achieved by using fixed portfolios. Growth is achieved by using a screening that tends to yield less volatile, more conservative equities.

Our retirement services fall under the headings of:

  • Cash flow analysis and projection
  • Investment and portfolio management
  • Health-care planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Risk and insurance protection
  • Estate planning