Corporate Counsel

Aurora has a long history and varied portfolio of support services for corporate attorneys. These have run the gamut from division of assets and time-value evaluations to real estate equivalent yields. Perhaps the most effective way to identify Aurora’s usefulness for legal practices and financial negotiations is: “When there’s money involved, give us a call.”

Periodically, Aurora is asked to employ creative financial thinking in the service of businesses, institutions and nonprofit organizations. These services frequently, but certainly not always, focus on the management of existing assets, the acquisition of endowment capital and cash-flow management. Over the course of our practice, we have set the framework for non-standard retirement benefits and income enhancement programs as well as stand-alone early retirement packages.

We have also, not infrequently, provided highly specialized research into case-pertinent subjects such as market speculations, commodity pricing patterns, underlying corporate financial structures and international funds transfers.

Both corporate and litigation services are billed hourly, in quarter-hour units, directly to the law firm. The law firm then receives payment from the client.