Investment/Portfolio Management

Aurora is a highly experienced portfolio manager whose investment methodologies utilize a diverse cross section of securities. In contrast to more common investment practices, Aurora’s needs-oriented investment plans are specifically personalized to each family. They are strategic, rational, diversified and, above all, we are accountable as fiduciaries. Investment assets with which we regularly deal cover a global range from securities to real estate. We incorporate a thorough, experienced knowledge of equities and fixed income securities as well as a stringently selected representation of portfolio securities.

But, at the Aurora Financial Group, principal preservation is the single most important consideration of any investment strategy and, coupled with income for living needs, is accomplished mostly with fixed assets. Growth, with its inherent volatility and age/means-related risks, is accomplished with equity-oriented assets. Cash reserves, both immediate and foreseeable short term, are created with securities of progressive liquidity.

Aurora’s investment theology is one of individualization and personalization of all investment portfolios. It encompasses and incorporates all of a family’s investment assets, not just the common stock portfolios. But, in the final analysis:

If you don’t first preserve principal, you can’t achieve growth.