Aurora assists plaintiff’s or defense counsel in personal injury, workers’ compensation and divorce cases to obtain the best settlement for their clients. Our services include the creation of structured settlements and, for plaintiffs, the evaluation of annuitized settlements and the creation of equivalent responses. We have also, not infrequently, provided highly specialized research into case-pertinent subjects such as market speculations, commodity pricing patterns, underlying corporate financial structures and international funds transfers.

As important, and of growing concern to regulatory powers, is the long-term management of financial awards. Aurora provides a well-established repertoire of capabilities specific to the needs, disciplines and judgments required of fiduciary accounts. These, coupled with a wide range of financial planning capabilities and trust-equivalent services, create a unique and ultimately powerful tool for trial attorneys.

Both litigation and corporate services are billed hourly, in quarter hour units, directly to the law firm. The law firm then receives payment from their client.