Who We Are

Private Financial Management for Private People

A Registered Investment Advisory

The idea to create Aurora started some 25 years ago as Charlie Dibner’s financial planning and investment practice began to mature.

“I had come to realize that the existing investment and financial advisory models were frequently not successful for real-world families. A new approach to financial counseling was needed; actually, an old approach applied to a new era. The model that offered the best answers followed a more holistic, medical model.”

Historically, financial advisers had been able to offer their clients either investment management services or a written document called a financial plan. Practitioners tend to have credentials and expertise in one or the other but do not overlap. What was needed, however, and what is different about the founding idea of the Aurora Financial Group, is overlap, expertise and capabilities in both areas. The firm’s core financial counseling philosophy is personal needs-based and, in this way, follows a medical model. Extensive personal financial information is collected, analyzed and assembled into a solution-prioritized strategic plan. Then, and only then, are portfolios created and strategies implemented. We sell nothing except our knowledge, experience and judgment.

We serve and advocate for your entire family and will proactively recommend and oversee the advisory expertise of other professionals if and when they are needed. Most clients – and that means clients and their families – of the Aurora Financial Group are either young achievers with growing families or retired/approaching retirement. The concerns of the first demographic group focus on situation solving and growth. As a rule, this mid-aged group has matured concurrent with the relatively new idea of financial planning and more readily relies on planning practitioners. They would be more likely to consider investing as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The concerns of the older segments focus on security and the passage of assets rather than growth. They prefer a predictable, consistent, safe, tax-optimized income base and growth without risk to principal. This generation has lived with the idea of investments as a growth instrument and will be less familiar with investing for specific purposes.

“If you are single or in business, we will identify and analyze your individual needs and place them into the context of an over all financial strategy. If you have a young family, our financial counsel is also a vital and efficient support mechanism. If you are planning for education or have children in college, we can be of invaluable help. If your personal/family life is in a state of upheaval, we are the most valuable of functional support professionals. If you are beginning to consider retirement or already retired, we are the very best source of clarity, knowledge and security. If you or family members are facing lifestyle or health care issues, we will formulate and oversee a strategy that works.”

Aurora maintains regular communication with clients and associates through the usual channels – meetings, telephone calls, mail, e-mail – but supplements that occasionally with a unique and eclectic newsletter called “Thoughts While Shaving.” Charlie also writes an assessment letter that is included with quarterly statements.

With years of experience, training and expertise, plus a warm, person-to-person approach, the Aurora Financial Group offers unmatched personal service for clients and their families.