Special Projects

Aurora’s practitioners have analyzed unique and difficult financial problems that require an out-of-the-box capability. These would include the construction of a phantom retirement plan, the stretching of available resources for purposes of long-term care and the creation of a family time-share program for a multi-generation vacation property. We have conducted specialized and focused research for individuals, institutions and law firms. Among these have been the tracking of veal commodity prices for an insurance company, the historical performance of funding vehicles for retirement plans and the purchase of residential real estate in local and non-local areas.

Almost every family has private domestic situations that require specialized advice. Our experience to date includes, but is not limited to, special-needs advisory services for chemically dependent, behaviorally difficult or physically/intellectually impaired family members; elder care financial planning, complex marital dissolutions, and intra-family educational loan programs. Aurora’s practitioners are frequent, professional lecturers on both specific and general financial topics. We have also been involved with the creation of resources and programs for financial education. Additionally, we frequently provide specific financial education for family members. Our advisory services encompass charitable-giving strategies to optimize tax and personal benefits for the donor and gift value for the beneficiary.

The needs of small businesses and small business owners are as varied and complex and those of families. They range from cash-flow planning to employee benefits. We advise in virtually every area.

As with most things governmental, the laws, complexities and choices in retirement plans grow with the passing of every tax year. Understanding these in detail and conducting comparative analyses is an area of expertise at Aurora.

Aurora has contributed pro-bono advisory services to a variety of nonprofit institutions over the course of years. These services include, but are not limited to, endowment management, cash-flow analysis, fund raising and marketing strategies. Please contact us directly for a more in-depth discussion of these services.